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Should I Book a Wedding Band, Wedding DJ, or Hire a DJ Live?

When planning your wedding, one of the most critical decisions you'll make is selecting the entertainment that will set the tone for your special day. Three main booking options for evening entertainment are hiring a wedding band, hiring a wedding DJ, or the new trend – Booking a DJ Live, manned DJ set combining live instruments with or without vocalists.


We are here to help clear up some of the confusion and make a compelling case for each option, so that you can make the best-informed decisions when booking entertainment for your big day.




Band – Since booking a live wedding band can be quite an investment, there is no surprise that you may want to personalise the show and be able to hear the band’s versions to your favourite tunes. Whilst some bands have a limited repertoire, other bands have a diverse range of music spanning various genres and eras, which would allow you to customise the playlist to suit your preferences and cater to guests of all ages. Moreover, as part of our service we allow couples to create their own uniquely bespoke setlist and choose all the songs which the band will perform on the night. This means that your wedding will have it’s own tailored soundtrack representing your special memories and musical taste.


DJ Live – A DJ live service featuring live instruments still allows for similar liberty in choosing your favourite songs which the DJ will play and the instruments will join in with. If you are booking a DJ live service with a singer, the DJ will use especially prepared tracks without vocals, on which the vocalist will be able to take the lead. In that case song choices may depend on a database of tracks available to the DJ. Here at Sound With Us, with enough notice, we will endeavour to source the tracks of your choice in advance of your event.


DJ – A DJ service is a brilliant option when it comes to personalising your setlist. A professional wedding DJ will be able to play almost any track you choose, as well as take requests from your guests on the night. Our experienced wedding DJ’s offer a fully customised service and will always ensure to have a meeting with you prior to the big day to hear about your unique musical taste, favourites and of course – any no-no’s to avoid!




Band – Let’s face it: Nothing can compete with the high energy of a live band. Especially if you are booking a roaming band. Our roaming wedding band brings an unmatched level of excitement and interaction to your event, as the vocalists engage both with the other roaming instruments, the audience, and the other band members on stage, to create a one-of-a-kind show featuring your uniquely prepared soundtrack of song choices. Live drums, pumping bass lines and those all-mighty epic guitar solos. For the impact factor, a live band of 6 musicians or more is definitely the way to go to make a lasting impression.


DJ Live – A DJ live service will sparkle some of the live band energy onto your dancefloor, minus the live rhythm section, a great compromise if you are limited in either resources or space. The live instruments or vocalists are able to fill the energy gap between the DJ booth and your guests on the dancefloor, creating the excitement and engagement that only live music can.


DJ – Whilst a DJ interaction is limited, the best wedding DJ can bring energy and excitement to their set through song choices, beat flow, reading the room, live mixing and unique song versions, whilst elevating crowd engagement in facilitating your guests live requests.




Band – Booking a live band does come with a set of requirements such as space, setup time, power draw and volume levels, all this in order to provide you with the best possible show by industry standards. It is therefore important to consult with your venue in advance of booking regarding any space, volume or timings restrictions they may have and let the band know as soon as possible. Since Sound With Us offers a sound engineer service as part of every booking, we are more than happy to take this load off you so you can focus on the fun bits! Our engineer will liaise with the venue coordinator and work together to find the best logistical plan for your perfect wedding, as well as alert you of any possible challenges.


DJ Live – Booking a DJ Live service requires space for a DJ booth but minimal space for musicians. The live instruments will normally setup in front of the DJ booth, or to the side of it, but can easily adapt to limited space, and can be directly on the dancefloor as they play, sing and interact with guests. A DJ set volume is easier to control, however venue volume restrictions may apply to some louder instruments such as when booking a saxophonist. Setup time is also less than with a live band, so do take these features into account when liaising with your venue coordinator about the best wedding entertainment options for you.


DJ – Wedding DJs don’t require ample space and can setup and breakdown quickly. Book a wedding DJ service if you’re concerned about any of the logistics detailed above. We work with a selection of professional wedding DJs, carefully hand-picked by us for their talent and personality, who will work together with you to help bring your perfect wedding vision to life.




Band - With bands usually having the most members, you can expect to pay more for the luxury of having multiple musicians bringing their talent and musicianship live to your stage. However, as we mentioned above, the additional investment definitely brings with it an irreplicable value in energy and showmanship. If your budget is limited, opt for a smaller band. Sound With Us offers line ups anywhere from a duo to a 12-piece showband.


DJ Live – Depending on how many live instruments are playing alongside the DJ, it is possible to get a good show with a smaller line-up, for example booking a DJ with saxophone, or a DJ with roaming percussion (bongos). A slightly larger option we offer is a DJ with saxophonist, bongos and vocalist. If your budget is limited you may find that booking a DJ Live is a good midway option that allows for both a complete sound and the added dancefloor interaction.


DJ – In cases where budget is limited you can always go with the DJ route. Booking a wedding DJ is the most cost-effective way to entertain your guests for the duration of the evening without burning a hole in your pocket!


Whichever way you choose to go, here at Sound With Us, we believe that music has the power to transform moments into memories and elevate your wedding experience to new heights. We're committed to creating an atmosphere of joy, celebration, and love that will leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.


From the moment your guests arrive till the last song of the night, we craft bespoke live entertainment experiences that go beyond the ordinary, a unique blend of show-stopping performances that transcend cultural boundaries and elevate the human experience.


We understand that every couple is unique, which is why we offer tailored musical concepts designed to reflect your individual style and preferences. Our team is dedicated to tailoring each performance to your vision, taste and cultural heritage. From classic to contemporary, through niche genres and odd concepts – Nothing is too extensive when it comes to curating the perfect soundtrack for your special day.


To start planning the wedding of your dreams with Sound With Us - Contact us today

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