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Sound With Us was born out of pure passion. Our pride & joy is taking care of all your live entertainment needs from start to finish, so you can relax, enjoy and tend to your guests.

A one of a kind concept, Sound With Us specialises in cross-genre performances with roaming live instruments. From DJ’s or solo musicians to 12 piece show bands - You choose your preferred lineup and we tailor the sets to include your song requests from any genre & era, creating a bespoke programme that is exclusive to your event only. We interact with your guests on the dancefloor for a real show-stopping buzz that elevates the human experience and transcends cultural boundaries.

Lilac Sheer - Lead vocalist, singing-guitarist & manager for our bands, is an accomplished singer-songwriter & session vocalist who's toured extensively worldwide & recorded several original albums, as well as vocals & voice over for some big company names. When Lilac takes the stage, she encourages participation & makes the crowd feel like they're part of the show.

Remko Rietmeijer - DJ, sound & lighting engineer, was born with music in his veins, rocking the cassette decks and turn tables from an early age. He’s had an extensive career in TV, AV and live events, but his true passion always remained live music. Remko makes Sound With Us bands sound incredible and turns any hall into an impressive spectacle using high-end lighting.

Buzzing with talent and great musicianship, Sound With Us is sweeping the country one gig at a time, leaving behind a trail of satisfied clients. Whatever it is you’re celebrating - You are always safe & Sound With Us. We look forward to working with you.


Lilac & Remko

Lilac & Remko


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